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Walsh Family Construction Information Security Policy

In an information age where threats to personal data is a constant issue, Walsh Family Construction, LLC has taken aggressive steps to protect any sensitive information we collect from you.

We take Information Security Seriously

Web Server Security
Our servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art datacenter using multiple layers of physical biometric security, and multi-layer gateway security technology. In addition, our servers have been certified by Trust Guard and scanned daily for any vulnerabilities and for PCI compliance.

Storage Security
All sensitive information stored in our databases, such as billing details, is fully encrypted with military grade algorithms, adding an additional layer of protection to your information.

Office and Mobile Security
Our office network has multiple layers of defense both at the gateway and on each individual computer. Any portable devices carrying personal information in the field, such as laptops, tablets, and USB keys, are fully encrypted.

We have routine thorough audits of our network and servers to insure the integrity and security of our data. These actions, and others not made public, help insure that we maintain the trust that we've worked hard to earn.

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